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March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the incredible achievements of women who have shaped our world. At UP Faith & Family, we believe strong female characters deserve the spotlight, which is why we offer a variety of inspiring stories featuring remarkable women. These characters face challenges with courage, chase dreams with determination, and bring laughter and warmth to the screen – all within a family-friendly environment.

This month, gather your loved ones and get ready to be empowered by the stories of these exceptional women:

When Duty Calls

Love, loyalty, and a dash of danger collide in this heartwarming UP Faith & Family EXCLUSIVE film. Newlyweds Ellie and Martin (Daniella Monet and Judd Nelson) decide to volunteer at their local police department, seeking to give back to the community and add some excitement to their marriage. Little do they know, they’ll soon be tangled in a criminal case that tests their courage and commitment. When Duty Calls is a delightful film that celebrates the power of teamwork and the importance of standing up for what’s right.

Mystery Woman

Calling all fans of cozy mysteries with a strong female lead! Mystery Woman is an 11-movie series following Samantha Kinsey (Kellie Martin), the quick-witted owner of a bookstore specializing in – you guessed it – mysteries! Samantha’s passion for puzzles spills over into real life when she finds herself drawn into solving local crimes. With her keen eye for detail and love of books, Samantha unravels perplexing cases that leave the police baffled. Filled with humor, heartwarming moments, and suspenseful plots, Mystery Woman is a series that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Jane Doe

Buckle up for adventure with Jane Doe, a charming series of nine mystery films starring Lea Thompson. By day, Cathy Davis appears to be your average soccer mom, juggling the demands of family life with her husband and kids. But beneath the surface, Cathy leads a secret life as a skilled undercover agent for the Central Security Agency. From cracking codes and disguising herself to infiltrating dangerous situations, Cathy is a master of disguise and a fearless problem-solver. Jane Doe is a series that showcases the intelligence, bravery, and versatility of women in extraordinary circumstances.

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye

In this inspiring drama series based on a true story, Deanne Bray portrays Sue Thomas, a deaf woman who shatters stereotypes and becomes a valuable asset to the FBI. Using her exceptional lip-reading skills, Sue tackles high-profile cases involving terrorism, espionage, and kidnapping. As she works alongside a team of elite agents, Sue faces prejudice and challenges head-on, proving her perseverance, intelligence, and unwavering dedication. Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is an uplifting story that celebrates the power of teamwork, friendship, and overcoming obstacles.

Ties That Bind

This isn’t your typical mystery! Ties That Bind is a heartwarming drama starring Kelli Williams. The series follows Allison McLean (Williams), a seasoned police detective who grapples with the complexities of balancing her professional life with her personal responsibilities. When her troubled brother, Tim (played by Luke Perry), is arrested and imprisoned, Allison faces a difficult decision. Determined to keep her niece and nephew from entering foster care, Allison welcomes them into her already bustling household, which includes her own two teenagers and husband, Matt. Suddenly, Allison finds herself juggling four teenagers under one roof, navigating the chaos of their adolescence – from love and jealousy to rebellion and adjustment to a new life. As Allison strives for justice on the streets, she must also find strength and patience to mend the bonds within her family. Ties That Bind is a series that celebrates the enduring power of family and the challenges and rewards that come with raising teenagers.

Looking for even more inspiring stories featuring remarkable women? Explore our extensive Yes She Can collection.  Here, you’ll find a diverse selection of movies and series showcasing the strength, intelligence, and unwavering determination of women throughout history and across various genres.

From undercover agents like Jane Doe to the groundbreaking story of deaf FBI agent Sue Thomas, UP Faith & Family offers a treasure trove of empowering stories that celebrate the many ways women make a difference.

So this Women’s History Month, grab your favorite people, some popcorn, and settle in for a viewing experience that will entertain, inspire, and leave you feeling empowered! Download the UP Faith & Family app today and discover a world of stories where strong women take center stage.