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Don’t pack away your holiday spirit just yet, merrymakers! We’ve got the perfect antidote to the post-holiday blues: a steaming mug of feel-good movies that’ll keep the festive spirit alive well into the new year. Our cozy collection of post-holiday gems is here to ignite a second wind of warmth and wonder as you bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the possibilities of 2024.

Christmas in the Pines

Imagine this: aspiring writer Chloe, armed with wit and wanderlust, inherits a picture-perfect Christmas cottage nestled amidst snow-dusted pines. Enter Liam, a renowned architect with a penchant for precision and icy stares, claiming the same cozy haven through a mysterious family deed. Sparks fly (not just from the crackling fireplace) as they lock horns over ownership, each determined to make the idyllic cabin their own.

But beneath the legal bickering and witty repartee, something unexpected simmers. As Chloe delves into the cottage’s history and Liam sketches plans for renovations, they discover shared passions, hidden dreams, and a growing mutual respect that transcends the property dispute. The more time they spend bickering over gingerbread house designs and decorating the Christmas tree, the more the lines between rivalry and romance blur.

Mistletoe Connection

Meet Kate Snow, a woman whose love for Christmas rivals Santa’s himself. Her world revolves around her family’s generations-old gift shop, “Treasures from the Heart,” a cozy haven brimming with nostalgic trinkets and holiday dreams. But this year, a Grinch in a fancy suit named Mark Goodwin threatens to Scrooge-ify her Yuletide spirit.

Mark, a developer with ambitious plans to modernize the neighborhood, throws Kate’s quaint world into chaos. Suddenly, charming mom-and-pop shops face sleek condos, and the town’s Christmas traditions feel endangered. Yet, amidst the holiday upheaval, Kate finds solace in a chance encounter with a handsome stranger on a bus. Sparks fly, eyes meet, and a connection sizzles, only to be tragically cut short without even a exchanged name.

Christmas on the Rocks

Chloe Miller, a whip-smart event manager, is tasked with orchestrating the ultimate Christmas bash for a demanding CEO at a luxurious ski lodge. Think gourmet buffets, dazzling décor, and enough mistletoe to fuel a blizzard of office flirtations. But just as the party heats up, Mother Nature throws a curveball in the form of a monster snowstorm, trapping everyone inside the lodge.

Suddenly, Chloe’s meticulously planned soirée crumbles. She’s faced with a motley crew of stranded guests, including the aforementioned hard-to-please CEO, who happens to be none other than…dun dun dun…her old flame, Nick! Cue the awkward silences, the simmering chemistry, and enough witty banter to melt icicles.

Sappy Holiday

Meet Holly, a talented sous chef whose life is simmering with holiday cheer. Her boyfriend, Chad, is the perfect garnish – handsome, successful, and planning the ultimate Christmas Eve proposal. But just as holly berries start to dot the mistletoe, Holly’s carefully curated future begins to crumble. Doubts simmer, visions of domestic drudgery dance in her head, and suddenly, Chad’s charming facade feels more like stale gingerbread.

Then, fate throws a snowball right at her face (metaphorically, of course). Stranded in a blizzard, Holly is rescued by Jack, a ruggedly handsome maple farmer with eyes as warm as his syrup. As they huddle by the fire, sharing stories and stolen glances, Holly starts to question everything she thought she wanted. Is Chad the main course, or just a bland side dish? Could Jack be the secret ingredient she’s been craving?

The Picture of Christmas

Meet Ember Morley, a Manhattan graphic designer whose life is as sleek and modern as her high-rise apartment. But fate, like a whimsical snow globe, shakes things up when she inherits her grandmother’s Christmas tree farm in the quaint town of Willow Hill. Suddenly, Ember’s meticulously planned future is tangled in twinkling lights, fragrant pines, and the ghosts of Christmases past.

Determined to sell the farm before the snow melts, Ember embarks on a journey that’s far from predictable. She clashes with the farm’s charming caretaker, Brandon, whose rugged practicality clashes with her city sophistication. Yet, amidst their bickering, a spark ignites, reminding Ember of the simple joys she left behind.

So, grab your favorite blanket, snuggle up on the couch, and let UP Faith & Family transport you back to the magic of the season. Whether you’re tucking away your tinsel or planning your New Year’s resolutions, have post-holiday movie marathon & extend the cheer a while longer!

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