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It seems like now more than ever, it’s hard to gather the whole family to share a fun and memorable experience. From work and school to extracurricular activities, schedules are hectic and there are many things competing for our attention. When you do find the time, entertainment options are often cost prohibitive. Want to take the fam to the theater? Your wallet is going to shed more than a few tears. Also, many programming options are targeted towards one age group, leaving half the family nervous or bored. Let’s be honest: you either need to scramble for the mute button when the language gets colorful or learn to stomach as many shows featuring furry puppets or cartoons as you can.
That’s where the award-winning series Hudson & Rex – streaming exclusively on UP Faith & Family — saves the day. Loved by critics and viewers alike, this police procedural is a hidden gem that checks all the boxes. Hudson & Rex is not only family-friendly, but it appeals to people of all ages. It’s a program that families can watch AND enjoy together.  

German Shepherd Rex and Detective Charlie Hudson (John Reardon) from Hudson & Rex

The bond between Rex and Detective Hudson is something even people who aren’t dog fans can enjoy.

Drama? It has the right amount. I don’t need incoming planet-killer asteroids, the threat of nuclear disasters, weapons of all sizes, or alien invasions to get caught up in the action. My wife, kids, and I are often left guessing how Detective Charlie Hudson (played by John Reardon) and German Shepherd Rex (Diesel vom Burgimwald) will use their brains, instincts, and teamwork to get out of a jam and catch the criminal. There are few things more fun than having armchair sleuths of all ages trying to solve the whodunnit before everyone else does.

Humor? Enough to keep it light while not getting cheesy. No offense to Hudson, but this is one area where Rex steals the show. This police dog’s cute antics and impeccable timing evoke laughter from all ages.

Sarah Truong (Mayko Nygyen) and Detective Charlie Hudson (John Reardon) in Hudson & Rex

Will Sarah Truong from forensics and Detective Hudson ever become an item?

Romance? Yup. Will Detective Hudson and his colleague Sarah Truong (played by Mayko Nugyen) become a thing or won’t they? You can’t help but root for these two to get together. There’s the occasional sloppy kiss, but your kids won’t need to cover their eyes… as they are compliments of Rex.  

An adorable animal? Absolutely. The bond Hudson and Rex have is heartwarming. The way they read each other and work together is an impressive feat. Rex is able to communicate with Hudson so well that you sometimes forget he’s a dog. His well-timed barks or displays of empathy and affection will leave you saying “awww” at least once per episode. Trust me, watch until the end of each one. Without fail, there’s a feel-good, uplifting moment right before the credit roll that will leave you clapping your hands and craving more.  

Rex (Diesel Vom Burgimwald) from Hudson & Rex

I’m guessing Rex is streaming an episode of Hudson & Rex as we speak. I can’t blame him.

No excessive violence or swearing? A parent’s dream. Brains, not braun, are at the heart of this show. Weapons are rarely, if ever, brandished or fired. Instead of fighting his way out of a jam, Detective Hudson leans on his teammates’ skills and his animal partner’s keen senses to come out on top. The dialogue is not only all-ages approved, but at times even inspirational. The series proves it is possible to entertain without fisticuffs or foul language. 

Hudson & Rex gives our family an event we can all look forward to. When new episodes are added to stream weekly on UP Faith & Family, my kids gleefully announce that it’s Hudson & Rex night. Hudson & Rex is a wonderful way to bring the entire family together. They’ll look forward to it the whole week and enjoy the experience the rest of the evening. Making memories together. Isn’t that what family is all about?  

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