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All About Amy: The Heartbeat of Heartland

By August 23, 2023September 18th, 202329 Comments

Hey, Heartlanders! This week, we’re shining a spotlight on the incredible Amy Fleming. She’s the heartbeat of the ranch, and we’ve lined up a special week dedicated to the one and only Amber Marshall!

🎬 Exclusive Set Tour with Amber Marshall – A Behind-the-Scenes Experience 🎥

Hold onto your saddles as we take you behind the scenes with Amber Marshall herself! Get ready for an intimate tour of the Heartland set, guided by the remarkable actress who brings Amy to life. This is your chance to experience Heartland from a whole new perspective! Watch it exclusively on UP Faith & Family.

💖 Staff Recommendation: Love in Harmony Valley 💞

Can’t get enough of Amber Marshall? We’ve got you covered. Our staff pick of the week is in, and it’s perfect for a cozy movie night at home! Grab the popcorn and get ready to stream Love In Harmony Valley. (TV-G)🍿



In the movie, Emma (played by Amber Marshall) has waited to reunite with her best friend Tracey at the hospital following an accident, but Will, Tracey’s brother, won’t allow it, blaming her for the accident. With heartfelt moments and an engaging storyline, it’s the perfect complement to your Heartland journey.



📊 Vote for Your Favorite Amy Moment! 🗳️

Just like last time, we’re inviting you to participate in our interactive quiz. This week, it’s all about Amy! Vote for your most cherished Amy moment from Heartland and relive those heartwarming and unforgettable scenes. Check back soon for the results to see if other viewers agree with you!

What do you think are some of the most iconic Amy moments on the show? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Phillip Carter says:

    When She realized She broke Ty’s Heart, after the issue with Ahmed, she new She did wrong by keeping Secrets about the Tour, and realizes She had made a Huge mistake, but then what transpired at Pike River She finally get Her Love back what an Journey. And I seen the other movie but it’s not a Favorite.

  • I love ur all show that u are person . I love it and her too. Great great show all of it .

  • Linda L Tomasini Doherty says:

    I love Heartland and Ty and Amy. If anything can be said, she IS HEARTLAND. I want the series to go beyond 17 and I am hoping that Grandpa leaves the Ranch to Amy, She deserves the Ranch as he has been helping to take care of it since she was 15. Thank you for letting me have my say. An amazing Family Program and I really do not want it to end.

  • DianaK says:

    I enjoy your HEARTLAND series very much. Good story line. Beautiful scenery. Fascinating dialogue of all the characters. Thank you.

  • Rhonda Tiller says:

    This show is the best on tv! It is always my go to when I’m down. There’s is just something about it that lifts my spirit. Thank you for keeping this show going. I wish it will never end.

    • UP Faith & Family says:

      Thanks for watching! 🙂

      • Pam says:

        My mom got me watching this show many years ago.. She loved it so much, watching the series over and over on Netflix, then Faith and Family. Looking for the next updated Season! She said
        “I feel like they’re my family!” She’d say “Turn on my Heartland family”
        Her favorite scene was Ty’s last moment on the ranch…Mom passed with the show playing in the background of her hospice at home. She had been excited waiting on season 16 to arrive. I continue to watch for her, I sure miss the moments we shared watching together! Jack, Amy, Lou and Ty, thanks for memories!

  • Linda Gwyn says:

    Loved HEARTLAND from the first episode and have watched the series numerous time. Excited about season 17. Waiting to sign up with UP when I have time to binge watch the entire season! Excited about Amy’ and Lou’s new love interests. Will Lou and Peter get back together? Will Amy find a new love interest? So many storylines to discover!

  • Lloyd Phelps says:

    S1_Ep1 10.14.07 / Coming Home,
    I knew this was a hit & I was hooked at that point. Please keep turning them out. Thank you to all who was involved in bringing us a great program, Lloyd Phelps in Drumright Oklahoma.

  • I’m sorry don’t like watching the shows with another man with Amber I just can’t watch it.

  • Linda Jean says:

    I live in the U. S. —- so we only get to watch the show from Canada later..
    We think this show, all actors & plots are so lifelike & real!!
    Especially love Amy & Jack always, along with all Gods creatures—- the soulful horses and dogs..
    Kudos & thankYOU All!!!!

  • Linda Jean says:

    P.S.—— I can’t leave without saying how much alike Tim & daughter Lou are—
    Both are fickle, all about themselves first & everyone else after,
    Sometimes I wish I could reach out and shake some unselfishness into each of them as they get me so agitated!! LOL

  • Kevin says:

    My wife and I started watching Heartland about a year or so. We watched seasons 1 through 14. Then waited patiently for 15. Now watching 16. I miss alot of the earlier characters Georgie, Ty, Mallery, and others. I’m a softie sometimes I am crying due to the situations that occur. We really enjoy Heartland and hope it goes on for a long time. It truly is a great TV series. Thanks

  • Sue West says:

    I love Heartland and watch it every day even though I’ve seen the episodes at least twice. I never get tired of it and I truly hope it continues. Such great story lines and it always stays clean. Please keep it going!!!

  • I seen heartland more then 100 times it’s awesome with Amy and all the cast

  • Judith says:

    When will those of us get to see Heartland, the last season in the U.S.

  • Rachael Tollefson says:

    I would love to see season 17 and season 18. I was truly disappointed when Ty died. I wanted to see them grow old together. I also love the horse scenes were they join up.

  • Rachael Tollefson says:

    Love this show so much bc it just warms my hearts and reminded me of the summer I spent taking care of horses. I love they hate they have for Lou bc she seems so annoying at times but it’s just bc she has such a big heart.

  • Doretta west says:

    Thanks for the wonderful Heartland show. The story line is great!

  • Denny koenders says:

    Heartland has ended for me when Amy lost ty. The love they portrayed between two people was outstanding. I can’t see Amy without ty, I am sorry. Love them both God bless. Denny koenders.

  • Jennifer says:

    When is season 17 coming to the US on Up faith and family

  • Jennifer says:

    When is season 17 coming to the US on Up faith and family well then when will the new season be here if I have already asked why can’t I get an answer

  • Melissa Matthews says:

    I have loved the show since the first season and can’t was it to see more seasons. My favorite part is where ty proposes to any.

  • Jackie sage says:

    Wanting for season 18. Is Graham Wardly coming back.

  • Tricia Wood says:

    The absolute BEST series on television. Thank you Canada for a visually inspiring, excellent moral messages and just great quality television viewing. I live in the United States and your show is a zillions times better than anything we have. Thank you.

  • Christine McDonald says:

    I Love the series so many episodes I could choose but when Ty dances with Amy in the back of the truck, And again with Lindy it gets me everytime.

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