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“The River” Revealed: An Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes of Heartland’s Action-Packed Episode & More!

By August 11, 20236 Comments

Hey, Heartlanders! With new episodes from Season 16 just around the corner (can September 21st come any sooner?), we’re here to accompany you through this temporary hiatus with a week filled with excitement, behind-the-scenes secrets, and a hearty dose of action. From the scenic vistas to the touching bonds of family, Heartland captivates us and every corner of the ranch holds adventure and a sense of belonging.

🎬 Unveiling “The River”: An Exclusive Behind The Scenes Deep Dive 🛶

New this week to our streaming library is an UP Faith & Family exclusive behind-the-scenes feature from “On The Ropes” which offers a peek into the intricate artistry that brought episode 1603’s river rapids to life. Whether it’s Amy and Caleb’s training of a rescue horse, unforeseen river escapades, or the anticipation of what’s to come, this episode encapsulates the essence of Heartland’s action and heartwarming connections. You can watch the BTS feature here!


💥 Vote for Your Ultimate Action Scene! 🗳️

Take part in our Heartland fan survey and vote for your all-time favorite action scene. From fast rides to daring rescues, we’ve rounded up some of the top Heartland action moments for you to choose from. Which one made your heart skip a beat? Cast your vote now!

📺 Stream Non-Stop Action with Hudson And Rex on UP Faith & Family 🕵️‍♂️

For your daily dose of suspense and excitement, you can stream three seasons of Hudson And Rex. Detective Charlie Hudson and his loyal partner, Rex, return for more intriguing cases that’ll keep you hooked. Their adventures mirror the suspense we love in Heartland. New crime-solving adventures drop every Thursday!

What are some of your favorite action sequences?  We’re here to get you through the cliffhangers! Stay tuned, stay connected, and stay ready for the heartwarming and adrenaline-pumping moments that await in Season 16.


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