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Experiencing Lightbulb Moments: 5 Days of Gaining Perspective

By January 31, 2024No Comments

Have you ever longed for ‘lightbulb moments’—brilliant flashes of understanding that can alter the course of your life? Imagine such moments of revelation where God’s Word resonates with profound clarity.

The transformative experience of the Apostle Paul stands as a powerful testament to these moments of Divine serendipity. He knew in an instant who Jesus was when he had a personal encounter with Him.

What can your own ah-ha experiences look like? How might God reveal Himself to cause you to say, “Ah, now I understand!”

Introducing Lightbulb Moments: a specially crafted 5-day meditation series that invites you to gain a fresh perspective on your path with God. Even if you are well-versed in Scripture, immersed in tradition, or new to the faith, there’s more awaiting discovery.

We are offering this series in partnership with Abide, the premier Christian meditation app. Enjoy an extended 30-day trial with this series, and be sure to download the app for the full experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spark a transformation in your Christian walk! Anticipate the unexpected and let Scripture light up your path in new ways, challenge your understanding, and deepen your faith.

YES, I’m interested… to gain FREE access to this series from Abide!

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