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Love is in the air, and UP Faith & Family is here to make your Valentine’s Day extra special with a heartwarming selection of romantic comedies, perfect for viewers of all ages. Forget the raunchy rom-coms and cheesy clichés – at UP Faith & Family, we believe in love stories that uplift, inspire, and leave you feeling good about the world. So, grab your loved ones, some cozy blankets, and settle in for an evening of laughter, swoon-worthy moments, and happily ever afters.

Staff Picks for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon:

The Singles Guidebook

Molly, a meticulous and witty content creator, is suddenly thrust into the unfamiliar territory of singlehood. To land her dream job, she takes on a unique challenge: document her journey through the messy world of online dating. Enter Jackson, her partner in this project – a free-spirited artist who sees life through a completely different lens. Sparks fly as their contrasting personalities clash in hilarious ways, but amidst the dating mishaps and awkward encounters, they form an unexpected bond.

The Charm of Love

Maddie, a passionate art historian, embarks on a thrilling adventure across the globe. Her quest? To unearth the legendary Lovers Stone, a mystical artifact rumored to hold the key to eternal love. Armed with ancient scrolls and a thirst for discovery, Maddie finds herself navigating sun-drenched islands and charming villages, her heart set on unlocking the secrets of history. But fate has a surprise in store. Enter Fitz, a charismatic local with eyes as blue as the ocean and a smile that warms the sunniest day. As Maddie delves deeper into her quest, Fitz becomes her unexpected guide, leading her through lush landscapes and sharing his island wisdom. Between deciphering cryptic clues and dodging adventurous mishaps, their connection deepens, igniting a spark that challenges Maddie’s initial focus on the mystical stone.

The Soulmate Search

Lindsay, a cynical journalist, scoffs at the idea of soulmates. So, when she gets a chance to infiltrate the mysterious dating service Eternity, known for its “guaranteed soulmates,” she sees it as the perfect story to expose their sham. But things get interesting when she’s paired with Will, a charming businessman who also harbors doubts about the service. Their first date is a disaster – a clash of personalities and hilarious mishaps. Convinced Eternity is a fraud, Lindsay and Will team up to get their money back. Yet, amidst their shared mission, something unexpected happens. Sparks fly, genuine conversations spark, and their cynicism starts to crack. As they delve deeper into Eternity’s secrets, they uncover hidden truths and face unexpected challenges that test their newfound connection.

My One True Love

Ali’s life seems picture-perfect: a thriving career, a cozy apartment, and a supportive circle of friends. But everything gets shaken up when a fortune teller throws a wrench in her well-ordered world. Three pronouncements hang heavy in the air: job loss, sudden relocation, and – most intriguing of all – finding true love with a man named John. Skeptical but intrigued, Ali can’t deny the unsettling accuracy of the fortune when the first two predictions unfold. With newfound curiosity, she and her friends embark on a hilarious quest to meet every John they can find, from quirky neighbors to handsome coworkers. Yet, amidst the parade of Johns, Ali’s heart finds itself unexpectedly drawn to Mark, a charming paramedic firefighter whose kind eyes and unwavering spirit hold a magnetic pull.

Beauty and the Billionaire

Forget the stuffy boardrooms and corporate jargon – this heartwarming tale takes you to the sun-kissed shores of Saint Martin for a clash of personalities and a blossoming romance. Addison, a kind-hearted office manager with a backbone of steel, steps in for her brother when he breaks his leg and finds herself on a whirlwind business trip with the notoriously demanding billionaire, Justin Ross. Sparks fly as Addison refuses to be cowed by Justin’s gruff demeanour, earning her his initial ire but also unexpected admiration. As Addison’s genuine nature melts away Justin’s icy exterior, they find themselves working together to secure a crucial deal. But can Justin truly shed his arrogant billionaire persona and embrace the gentler side he shows with Addison? This feel-good rom-com will have you rooting for love to conquer all, reminding us that beneath the polished veneer, even the biggest hearts can be hidden in unexpected places.

The Quest for Love

Join Mackenzie on a heartwarming adventure to Costa Rica, where not only the exotic rainforest but also her own heart are up for exploration. As a dedicated chocolatier, she embarks on a mission to secure precious cacao beans, but her hopes extend beyond work. Secretly, she yearns for her longtime best friend Ethan to finally notice her as more than just a friend. However, the arrival of a charming tourist throws a delicious twist into their relationship, sparking a playful competition for Mackenzie’s affections. Prepare for a lighthearted journey of self-discovery, where laughter mingles with the sweet aroma of chocolate and true feelings simmer beneath the tropical sun. Will Mackenzie find the love she seeks, and will it be in the familiar comfort of friendship or the excitement of something new? This feel-good rom-com reminds us that sometimes, the greatest treasure we find is hidden within ourselves.


This Valentine’s Day, skip the predictable and choose something different. Choose UP Faith & Family, where love stories are filled with laughter, heart, and values that resonate with viewers of all ages. So, snuggle up, pop some popcorn, and get ready to fall in love with heartwarming comedies that celebrate the magic of love. Remember, at UP Faith & Family, love always wins!

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