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Heartland Catch UP: Season 17 Episode 6: “Heat of the Moment”

By June 26, 2024July 17th, 2024One Comment


In this episode: Amy grapples with her feelings at the competition, Jack and Lisa find adventure in the midst of sorrow, and Katie stands her ground against Ellie and Brandon.

The episode kicks off with Katie, exuding newfound confidence, ready to ride her newly restored motorbike. Meanwhile, Amy, looking confident and capable, is on a cattle drive. It looks like this episode is going to be all about girl power! Katie meets her new friends, Ellie and Brandon. Brandon compliments her new wheels and Ellie agrees the bike looks great… if it was 1982. The three of them ride off to put it to the test.

After her ride, Caleb visits the Heartland ranch to wish Amy luck for the upcoming working cow horse competition in Braeburn. Amy confesses her mixed feelings about the competition. She’s happy for Blue but admits it’s not her world. She also reveals a surprise for Caleb: a harness for Carson! As she prepares to leave, Caleb informs her that he doesn’t have Carson that weekend and suggests she text or call if she gets bored.

On the road, Amy faces a setback when her tire pops. As she inspects the tire, Nathan Pryce Jr. pulls up behind her. He offers to drive her to the competition, which Amy accepts, albeit apprehensively.

Back at home, Lisa and Jack prepare for Dan’s funeral. Lisa is surprised that Dan’s family asked her to speak. She contemplates sharing a story about their first skiing trip together, highlighting Dan’s adventurous spirit despite the “epic” arguments they used to have. She reflects on how her current life with Jack, filled with business and family responsibilities, lacks the time for such adventures. Jack cutely replies that every day with Lisa is an adventure in itelf.

On the road to Braeburn, Amy and Nate attempt to engage in small talk. Amy asks Nate about his past and his reasons for moving away from Hudson in high school. They discuss the upcoming opening reception at the arena, and Nate mentions Pryce Farms is sponsoring and there might be beef on a bun served. Amy quips back that she’d rather get a sandwhich from a gas station. They share a laugh, signaling that their cold facades might slowly be melting!

As she is unpacking at the hotel, Amy gets a call from Caleb who she updates on her blown tire. He asks how she ended up getting there, and she informs him that she got a ride from Nate, who Caleb refers to as “the enemy.” She goes on to complain about her current state in a hotel room with a TV set that doesn’t work. Having some experience with events like this, Caleb tells her that they usually kick them off with some kind of party. Amy says it’s not her thing & she’s all by herself, after all. Caleb empathises with her and says that at rodeo functions “sometimes hanging out with a group of strangers is lonelier than just being on your own.” He still encourages her to atleast give it a shot. Amy agrees that it might take her mind off of missing Lyndy so much and resolves to check out the party in an hour.

Back at home, Lisa preps dinner in the kitchen. Katie walks in, offering help. Lisa observes that it’s been quiet around the house, especially with Katie out and about all day. Katie nervously replies that she’s been out with friends. Lisa asks if one of those friends happens to be the boy she met at the community dance, Brandon. Katie confirms it’s him, and Ellie, who she thinks might be his girlfriend… and also might hate her. Lisa asks how she feels about Brandon. Katie admits that she’s still getting to know him, but if he has a girlfriend, she’s “totally not going there.” She shares that since she and Parker have drifted apart, she’s been excited about the chance to make new friends. Lisa wisely advises her to maybe put just a little effort into winning Ellie over to let he know she’s not a threat.

At the mixer, Amy is totally out of her element. It looks like Nate Pryce Jr, however, is very comfortable with the other attendies, a gang of beautiful ladies. Amy heads straight to the bar for some water. Nate walks up and asks if she’s changed her mind about checking out the competition. Visibly hurt, Amy tells him to get back to his company to discuss “strategy.” Not sure how to respond, he returns to his admirers. Ready to leave, Amy turns around, but bumps into a waiter who spills red wine all over her! Nate swiftly returns with a napkin for her. Embarassed, Amy leaves the party… but not before bumping into Caleb! He drove to all the way to Braeburn to keep her company! She asks him for a ride back to the motel.

Back at the motel, Amy realizes that she left her key inside her room. Caleb attempts to shimmy his way inside through a slightly cracked window but falls to the ground. Later that evening, they enjoy pizza and an old movie in the motel room. Amy expresses her gratitude to Caleb for his company – she tells him that he’s one of the “most important” people in her life.  Suddenly, Caleb leans in for a kiss, but Amy’s reaction indicates that she didn’t mean for him to interpret her heartfelt words in a romantic way. There’s a knock at the door: it’s Nate Pryce Jr. checking to see if she’s okay. He spots Caleb behind Amy & excuses himself. Shortly after, Caleb rises & says he should probably get going too. Now Amy is all alone again.

The next morning, Lisa and Jack are suited up & looking sharp for Dan’s funeral. On their way out, Lisa encourages Katie to “have a little fun.” As soon as the front door shuts, Katie calls Brandon to meet on the trail in half an hour.

At the competition, Amy runs into Nate, who apologizes about the previous night. Amy informs him about her ruined shirt from the night before. He chuckles and rides away.

Now for the competition: Nate and his horse Montana put on an impressive display, earning a score of 75 out of 80 points. Next up are Amy and Blue. She seems to be going the slow and steady route, whispering to Blue to go “easy.” Nate looks on, anticipating her skills. Out of the gate, she makes a mistake on their first maneuver. The crowd winces, and she gets an audible warning from one of the judges. Nate seems to have a bit of second hand embarrassment, too. Seemingly having given up, Amy halfheartedly finishes the last move. The judge remarks that it ended “more like a bronc drive.” Amy & Blue receive a score of 65 out of 80.

Katie, Ellie and Brandon come across a small body of water that Brandon remarks “could be a really awesome jump.” He backs up and clears it on his first try. Who’s up next? Katie tells Ellie to go since she’s a much better rider than she is. Ellie says that she thinks Katie is scared and pushes her to try the jump. Katie accepts and attempts it, but just as she reaches the edge of the water, she stops. Ellie laughs and calls her pathetic. Brandon tells her that’s enough teasing and asks Katie if she’s okay. Katie rides off, embarrassed.

After the funeral, Jack tells Lisa that her speech for Dan was a hit: she had people in stitches and then tears. Lisa’s just relieved that it’s all over. Jack says that moments like these are “another reminder that life’s a ride and you never know when your turn’s up.” Lisa agrees and asks Jack if he thinks they are living their best lives. Jack (kind of) answers and says that his life’s never been better since she came into it. Dissatisfied with his answer, Lisa asks what they should do for lunch. Jack remembers that there’s some leftover casserole in the fridge. Lisa declines and suggest that they go to a new cool pub in town since they’re already dressed up. Looks like these two kids are about to live a little!

Back in Braeburn, Amy gets a call from Caleb just as Nate walks over to talk. He remarks that bad luck does come in threes: Amy’s flat tire, the wine incident, and her underwhelming performance in the reining event. Amy is visibly offended, but this doesn’t stop him from going on to asking her if she can “pull it together” for the cow work portion of the competition. Amy accuses him of trying to psych her out. He whips back that she’s doing that all on her own because her mind is “obviously somewhere else,” and observes that Blue can sense her uneasiness as well, not just him. He gives her some advice for the next event: tire out the cows out with quick turns so they’re easier to control the rest of the way. Amy asks him if she should trust him. He says that she doesn’t have to do anything; he’s just trying to change her luck.

At the pub, Jack and Lisa hear a familiar old tune on the jukebox. Lisa gets up and invites Jack to dance and put their dance lessons to good use. Shy at first, Jack agrees and joins in the fun, until he notices one of his old possessions on a shelf. It’s an old buckle that he won at the Ponoka Stamped where he was crowned All-around Cowboy, 1967. Lisa asks what it’s doing there and he replies he and his first wife, Lyndy, were short on cash and had to sell it, which he’s regretted ever since. They find the owner of the pub, who tells them that he found it an antique store the previous year. Jack offers to buy it at a “fair market rate” until the pub owner reveals that it’s worth 500 dollars and isn’t for sale. Lisa pipes up and challenges him to a game of pool. The wager? If he beats Jack, they will pay him 500 dollars, but if Jack wins, they’ll get to take the buckle home. What’s the worst that could happen?

Back at home, Katie gets a couple of visitors: Brandon & Ellie. They came by to check on her & make sure she’s okay. Ellie notices that she’s at home alone & offers to make lunch. Katie reluctantly invites them in to hang out for a bit.

At the pool match, Jack graciously accepts defeat and forks over the $500, but not before Lisa interjects that she wants to play the winner. When the owner declines the invitation for a new match, Lisa doubles the stakes to $1000. She knows how important the buckle is to Jack and wants to try winning it back for him. Her challenge is accepted and Round 2 begins!

In Braeburn: Nate and Montana put on a textbook-worthy presentation in the cow work competition. They are awarded a score of 75 points.

Now it’s Amy’s turn. She uses Nate’s advice and puts on a great display. The crowd (and the judges) are impressed. What a comeback! Amy and Blue get a score of 76, putting them in first place in the cow work division!

On the ride home, a much more relaxed Amy remarks to Nate that, when they first met, she thought the Molly he kept referring to was his wife or girlfriend, not his dog. Nate replies that he doesn’t have either of those. Amy brings up how he was flirting with the ladies at the reception and says that she understands how the playboy life would be appealing. Nate responds that playboys have money, and that sure ain’t him. Amy doesn’t believe him, judging by Pryce Farms’ very robust marketing campaign. Nate shares that it might just bankrupt them, but Pryce Farms needs to get itself out there if it wants to compete with the big factory farms. He muses that family run ranches should stick together and insists that even though it costs more, they do things the right way.

At the house, Katie & crew move into the living room, hot dog mac n cheese in hand. Ellie points out that they’ll need something to wash their feast down with. Katie offers lemonade or iced tea. Ellie wants something a bit stronger and pulls out a bottle of whiskey from a chest. Katie says that she’s done doing stupid things to impress them. She says that she’s not a daredevil or a risktaker, and she’s ok with that. Brandon & Ellie make their exit, with Ellie calling her “totally lame” on their way out.

As Amy and Nate aproach Amy’s truck, they spot Caleb repairing Amy’s tire himself. Nate calls him her boyfriend & observes that he must be “trying to score brownie points” since he’s probably the one who threw her off earlier that day at the competition. Amy says that he isn’t her boyfriend and he didn’t do anything. They hop out of the truck and Nate goes to unload her horse.

After Nate drives off, Caleb shares that he didn’t come all the way just to change her tire; he was hoping to meet in person since she kept evading his phone calls. Amy says the reason she wasn’t answering his calls was because she didn’t know what to say. Caleb reassures her and says that there isn’t anything that needs to be said. He “got carried away in the moment” and he promises that nothing like that will ever happen again.

Back at the pub, Lisa has everyone speechless, including Jack! She wins Jack’s buckle back fair and square. Outside, an ecstatic Jack asks Lisa where she learned to shoot pool like that. Lisa shares that she learned from Dan — back when they first started racing thoroughbreds, they needed a way to blow off steam every time one of their horses lost. And they lost a lot. So they took their frustrations out on the pool table. Jack reflects that although he and Dan had their differences, the fact that he played a part in getting his old buckle back kind of makes up for it.

Back at home, Katie observes that Lisa & Jack don’t look like they’ve just come from a funeral with their cheery dispositions. Jack tells her that they actually had quite the afternoon and he’ll tell her all about it once he changes out of his “banker’s clothes.” Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Brandon! Lisa lets him in. He apologizes to Katie for how Ellie was acting earlier & says she was totally out of line. Katie ask why he didn’t speak up then. He shares that he’s never had a drink of whiskey or anything else and has a false image he tries to maintain that goes along with dirt biking & the “Carpe Diem” lifestyle. Katie tells him that image isn’t why she likes him; she likes him because he’s genuinely a nice guy. Brandon thanks her and says that he doesn’t care if she doesn’t want to be a daredevil; she’s really cool just the way she is.

After she and Lyndy arrive back home, Amy shares with Jack the results of the competition & admits to him that she and Blue had a bit of a tough start in the reining, but they made a comeback and came out on top in the cow work session. Amy gets a text from Caleb again & asks Lisa to get Lyndy ready for bed. She meets him outside, where he confesses that he was actually lying earlier when he apologized – he wasn’t being honest about the fact that he really has developed romantic feelings for her. He hates that he’s betrayed his two best friends in the world, Amy and Ty. Amy tells him that he hasn’t betrayed anyone & that she does love Caleb, just not romantically. So where do they go from here? Amy reassures Caleb that his friendship means the world to her and she isn’t going to let one moment ruin that. Relieved, Caleb thanks her.

Wow! This might have just been the best episode of the season yet! We got some closure on where Amy & Caleb stand, as well as finally getting to know Nate Pryce Jr a little better. Amy might have a new love interest in her future!

In the comments, let us know how you overcome setbacks. Do you prefer to figure things out yourself, or do you lean on those around you who are a bit wiser? What is the best advice that you’ve ever received from a role model or older family member?


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