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Insiders Top 10 Romance Titles

By November 22, 2022May 17th, 2023No Comments

Looking to snuggle up and watch a good romance film. Bake some cookies, grab your blanket, and look no further because the results are in . . .

Here are our Insider’s Top 10 Romance Titles . . .

Hearts on Fire

Sparks fly for life and love when a single 911 dispatcher with two young kids rents a room to an injured fireman.

Soldier Love Story

A soldier returns home to meet the young fatherless boy who had written him letters while he was stationed overseas only to find love blossoming between himself and the boy’s mother.

Love in Harmony Valley

Emma has waited to reunite with her best friend Tracey at the hospital following an accident, but Will, Tracey’s brother, won’t allow it, blaming her for the accident

Yellowstone Romance

As maid of honor, Olivia plans her best friend’s bridal shower at a ranch where handsome rancher Travis shows her that life, and love, could be great on a ranch.

Love Alaska

When a young doctor inherits her uncle’s practice in her small hometown of Love, Alaska, she returns there to find that some things have changed.

Secret Millionaire

A wealthy young man hides his identity when he finds himself taken by the passion of a woman protesting the dealings of his father’s multi-million dollar company.

Faith, Hope, & Love

After shattering losses, a recent divorcée and a heartbroken widower restore their lives when they partner for a dance competition to save her studio.

After the Storm

A school teacher’s world comes crashing down around her after a massive storm destroyed her home. Determined to rebuild, she is forced to rely on an old flame to help her.

Same Time, Next Week

A widow and a widower struggle to let go of the past as their friendship blossoms into romance.

A Vineyard Romance

When writer Samantha is sent home to write an article about Hawthorne Vineyards, she discovers the ex who broke her heart not only runs the vineyard, but he’s about to get married there.

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