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Recapping Season 15 of Heartland Episodes 1-5, Season 16 is ALMOST here!

By May 26, 2023June 1st, 20237 Comments

Season 16 of Heartland will begin streaming on UP Faith & Family on June 1st just 7 days away! We decided to do a quick recap as a refresher on what went down in Season 15 of Heartland. Season 15 had 10 captivating episodes with everything we love about Heartland. The beautiful scenery,  Amy and the Bartlett-Fleming family, and the horses have left us anticipating Season 16. Here’s a recap of Episodes 1-5:




Episode 1 – Moving Toward the Light

In Episode 1  we were back on the Heartland ranch with the familiar face Reinard Perez back in town. Reinard requests Amy’s help with two of his horses who attacked each other during one of his Dark Horse Equestrian shows. Reinard’s trainer Sylvie was reluctant to listen to Amy’s advice & as the episode progresses, we learn Sylvie’s true feelings. She felt like a second choice for the lead trainer as Amy previously turned down the position. With the help of Lyndy, Amy, and Sylvie sort their differences.

The episode also showed Lyndy starting a day camp. This provided a relatable moment as Amy was having difficulty dealing with Lyndy being away. Another highlight of this episode was Jack deciding on his future specifically on whether to retire or not. This ultimately led to him buying Mitch’s herd. This episode was a refreshing start to the season.

Episode 2 – Runaway

Episode 2 began with Amy helping Sam search for the black stallion that escaped from his ranch. A majority of this episode was Amy and Sam locating the black stallion and helping to save more horses along the way. Lisa went through a hard time after purchasing a horse that ultimately had health issues. Jack spoke to Amy and Lou about their lack of appreciation for Lisa which led to them apologizing.

Episode 3 – Bad Moon Rising

We found Amy visiting Cooper at his center for troubled youth Higher Ground during Episode 3.  Amy went to assist after their trainer quit and worked with the horse Challenge who we previously met in Season 14. We saw a friendship develop between Amy and Logan as Amy saw how good he was with the horses. Logan was able to gentle the horses when needed. He was also able to uncover the real reason the horse Challenge was agitated. Much of the episode was centered around the break-ins in town and later in the episode the Heartland ranch was hit by thieves despite getting a new security system.

Episode 4 – Sins of the Father

Episode 4  picked up after the cliffhanger from Episode 3 when we learned the Heartland ranch was targeted by thieves. Jack previously experienced issues with the new security system which consequently shut down the system entirely. Laptops, TVs, and more sentimental items like Jack’s father’s watch and Tim’s trophy proved to be among the stolen items. Afterward, we get glimpses of Jack’s memories as he continues to blame himself for the break-in occurring. Evidently, this triggered memories from his relationship with his father and how he treated him and made him feel unsafe. We see Lisa assuring Jack that he has made Heartland a safe haven. Following the break-in we saw Parker and Tim locate the stolen items and the thieves. Lastly, a nice part of this episode was Amy working with Logan and providing a sense of family for him which ultimately led to him staying in Hudson.

Episode 5 – Blood and Water

Episode 5 brought forth the anticipated cattle drive. The help for the cattle drive backed out last minute, so the family stepped up to assist Jack. Midway through the cattle drive they arrived at a lavish campsite setup concocted by Jessica. This surprise was part of her pitch for candid family shots for a Heartland Beef campaign. While discussing the future of Heartland Beef, tensions arose as Lou felt overlooked by Jack deeming Amy the successor. While Amy inspected a calf, a bear frightened Shadow, which caused Shadow to run away. Jack fired warning shots scaring the bear away.  Jack and Amy tracked down a wounded Shadow and returned home. A high point for the episode was Lou leading the cattle drive which unexpectedly went well. Lou and Peter reunited later in the episode and shared a kiss. Overall this was an exciting episode full of plot twists.

What was your favorite episode from Season 15?

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