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Recapping Season 15 of Heartland Episodes 6-10, Season 16 is ALMOST here!

By May 30, 2023June 1st, 20234 Comments

Heartland Season 16 begins streaming exclusively on UP Faith & Family on June 1st, just 1 day away! We decided to do a quick recap as a refresher on what went down in Season 15 of Heartland. If you haven’t read Part 1 recapping episodes 1-5 catch up here. Here’s a recap of Episodes 6-10:


Episode 6 – Happy Ever After

Episode 6 gives us a look into the planning of Tim and Jessica’s intimate wedding party. Jessica was a bit reluctant about having this celebration and Tim’s plans turned this small celebration with family into an over-the-top wedding. As Tim continued to expand the plans Jessica became overwhelmed and wanted the wedding called off. Amy and Logan continued to work with the wild horse throughout the episode as it was Tim’s wedding gift to Jessica. This episode had so many beautiful moments! Tim & Jessica’s communication resolved their differences, Jack and Amy performed a beautiful song he wrote for the wedding, and Logan begins to feel like Heartland is home. We were also finally able to see Lou and Peter talk after the shared kiss in episode 5.

Episode 7 – Bluebird

Although the previous episode was full of happiness and love, Episode 7 brought forth a completely different tone of unhealed wounds. The episode began with Lyndy and Amy spending time together in the car enjoying music. While stopping to gas up Amy’s truck before encountering Grady – the guy who shot her and Ty. This obviously brought forth unhealed trauma and left Amy with confusing feelings. Afterwards, Jack and Tim went and confronted Grady where Tim punched Grady which evidently didn’t sit well with Amy. Eventually, we saw Amy confronting Grady and letting him know that he took away someone she loved, and despite that, she still has a life worth living. This moment showcased a brave Amy and provided healing. We saw Tim struggle after seeing Grady as well; however, a conversation with Amy helped him a lot.

Rick’s mom came to town to visit, which sent Parker and Katie on a mission to locate bluebirds for $20. She is an avid birdwatcher and not too thrilled about staying on the dude ranch. During their stakeout for Bluebirds, we learned more about Parker’s crush on Logan. Overall, this episode took us on an emotional rollercoaster and brought forth much-needed healing.

Episode 8 – Brand New Day

Hudson hosts a Lumberjack competition in Episode 8 of Heartland. After a visit to Al Cotter who will be competing during the half-time show of the Lumberjack competition, we saw Amy helping his Clydesdale horse. Al brought his horse Butch to Heartland after a little convincing from his grandson Finn. During the visit, Amy quickly realized that the horse Butch was blind in one eye. We were able to see Amy and Finn working together to retrain Butch to navigate in a calm manner when he sees things in his rearview. Occasionally, throughout the episode, we saw small glimpses of Amy and Finn bonding. A great moment shared between them was Finn letting Amy know she shouldn’t feel guilty for being happy and we were reminded it has been two years since Ty passed.

This was a light-hearted, fun episode centered around the Lumberjack competition, but there were a few unexpected moments. We saw a tense moment between Jack and Al Cotter where we discovered they were old friends. Their friendship ended when Al attempted to date Lyndy around the time Jack planned to propose.

Episode 9 – The Long Game

In Episode 9 we met Jack’s new horse Blue who proved to be a huge challenge for Jack even causing him to injure his arm. Jack persisted and decided to never give up on Blue causing the horse to finally trust him.  Scott encouraged Amy to enter Spartan into an endurance race. Spartan has been doing so much better since Finn was able to reshoe him. Amy received a favorable outcome with Spartan finishing in first place during the endurance race. This episode provided much-needed conversations from Katie expressing her feelings to Lou over their failed camping trip to Logan, speaking with his dad after a pep talk from Tim. We were really able to hear Katie tell Lou how the divorce between her and Peter made her feel hence Lou deciding against mentioning her reconciliation with Peter.

Episode 10 – Leaving a Legacy (Season Finale)

Episode 10 of Heartland Season 15 finale was a beautiful end to the season. We saw Amy receive a large check from Ty’s mom Lily. Lily provided Amy with part of the racehorse Howler’s winnings since Amy was behind the horse’s success. Amy spent much of the episode struggling with this large sum of money and what to do with it. A sweet moment during the episode was Amy locating an anniversary gift from Ty that he was never able to give her. It was a horseshoe that said “Stronger Together”. It also contained a card and a beautifully written sweet message that gave Amy the answer to her question.

She decided to invest most of the money in Cooper’s equestrian center. This was a great way for Amy to help youth like Ty and it provided stability for her new friend Logan as well. We were able to see them unveil it as  The Dr. Ty Borden Equestrian Youth Centre which provided a beautiful moment honoring Ty.

We were able to see Peter and Lou finally decided on moving forward together and shared it with Katie. They even made plans to visit Georgie and share the news with her as well. We were also able to see Jessica and Tim communicate after Jessica’s return from New York. Jessica shared what was bothering her and Tim supported her. Lastly, we saw Lisa’s horse Platinum Bow competing in the Kentucky Derby. This was a huge moment for Lisa as Platinum Bow won. Episode 10 was an amazing finale and wrapped up so much.


Season 15 left us excited for what’s to come in Heartland Season 16. What was your favorite moment? What do you hope to see in Season 16?


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