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In these hectic, trying times, nothing hits quite like the right movie or show to bring your family closer and uplift your spirits. And if you’re looking for feel-good content that nourishes the soul alongside heartwarming entertainment, UP Faith and Family is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. But with so many options, where do you start? We’ve got you covered! Here are some staff picks from our team, guaranteed to inspire, entertain, and leave you feeling good:

God Bless the Broken Road

  • What Its About: Amber’s ideal life is shattered when she loses her husband to the war in Afghanistan. Two years later, she finds herself in a struggle to save her home while providing for her young daughter, Bree. When up-and-coming race car driver Cody Jackson rolls into town, Amber and Bree become wrapped up in his pedal to the metal way of life. With her faith hanging in the balance, Amber is forced to decide between the broken road she knows so well or trusting in a new path that God has provided.
  • Why We Love it: Beyond its faith-based themes, the film’s strengths are the relatable characters, the uplifting message and its family friendly appeal. It doesn’t shy away from hardship, but it ultimately celebrates hope, faith, and the power of community. It’s a reminder that even on the “broken road” of life, there’s always beauty and love to be found.

Faith, Hope & Love

  • What It’s About: After shattering losses, a recent divorcée and a heartbroken widower restore their lives when they partner for a dance competition to save her studio.
  • Why We Love It: The film seamlessly weaves themes of faith, hope, and second chances into a heartwarming narrative. You can really tell the main character, Faith (played by former Dancing with the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd), has a serious dancing background as it shines throughout the whole movie. Overall, it’s a sweet and charming film that delivers a feel-good message without being overly emotional.

Jesus Calling

  • What Its About: Jesus Calling promises a unique viewing experience. Drawing inspiration from Sarah Young’s beloved devotional book, it aims to bring viewers closer to their faith through daily messages and heartwarming stories. Special guests, share their real stories of heartache and success, and how their faith inspired them through it all.
  • Why We Love it: The whole series showcases people from different backgrounds and walks of life, making it relatable to a wider audience. Each episode offers a fresh perspective on faith, showcasing how everyday experiences can be opportunities for spiritual growth. One of our favorite episodes features Tabitha Brown in Season 3—her sharing how her faith has grown just resonates! She has such a bright spirit that uplifts everyone she talks to.

Southern Gospel

  • What Its About: In this inspiring story, a rebellious rock star is given a second chance to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a preacher after his life comes crashing down. However, his desire to share a message of forgiveness gets tested at every turn as he fights his past demons to realize his childhood dreams.
  • Why We Love It: Outside of the soundtrack of Southern Gospel hyms to gritty rock rhythms, we also love the honest portrayal of faith. It tackles questions of doubt, hypocrisy, and the struggle to reconcile personal desires with religious expectations. Keep in mind this film can be overwhelming to some because it deals with heavy subjects like substance abuse, suicide, and child abuse. It’s appropriate for older audiences but may not be suitable for young children.

The Engagement Plot

  • What It’s About: After getting her heart broken on The Price of Love, a wildly popular dating reality show that matches 20-something female contestants with a young, financially successful bachelor (played by Trevor Donovan from another UPFF favorite, Love Finds You in Charm), teacher Hanna Knight has returned to her small-town Colorado life and moved on to better things.
  • Why We Love it: Valentine’s Day is around the corner so call us “in the romance” mood. However, this film has such an uplifting message. It talks about forgiveness, second chances, and finding love in unexpected places. It has Christian themes throughout, but not preachy. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something light and fun.

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