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“Heart of a Champion,” a 2023 family drama film directed by Brad Keller, is now available on UP Faith and Family. Starring Yaya Gosselin, Casper Van Dien, and Edward Furlong, this touching narrative follows the journey of 14-year-old Charlie as she discovers purpose and pride while nurturing a lost horse for a state competition.

The movie explores several themes such as divorce, bullying, friendship, romance, and honesty, as Charlie and her family face various challenges and opportunities. This film isn’t explicitly a Christian movie, but its faith affirming treatment of good choices and moral values makes it a great choice for families looking to instill positive virtues in their children.

Key Takeaways from “Heart of a Champion”:

  1. Perseverance: The movie emphasizes the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. Charlie and her horse face several obstacles throughout the movie, but they never give up. They keep pushing forward and eventually achieve their goals.
  2. Friendship: Another important lesson from the movie is the value of friendship. Charlie forms a close bond with her horse and Clint, who becomes her mentor and friend. By working together and supporting each other, they are able to overcome their individual weaknesses and achieve success.
  3. Honesty: The movie also highlights the importance of honesty. Charlie learns the value of telling the truth, even when it’s difficult. She also learns to be honest with herself about her feelings and her goals.
  4. Redemption: The movie has a strong message of redemption. Charlie and her family face several challenges and make mistakes, but they are able to learn from them and grow as individuals. The movie shows that it’s never too late to make things right and start over.

Why Watch “Heart of a Champion”?

This heartwarming film is our top pick for family movie night this week. It not only entertains but also educates, emphasizing moral values like honor, repentance, forgiveness, grace without being overtly religious. The bond between Charlie and her horse unfolds beautifully under Clint’s mentorship making every scene captivating.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring narrative that promises to touch hearts while highlighting essential life virtues. Don’t forget to stream “Heart of a Champion” on UP Faith & Family for your next family movie night.

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