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Top 10 Amazing Heartland Moments Throughout the Years

By August 3, 20234 Comments

In 16 seasons, we have seen the highs and lows on the “Heartland” ranch, and watched the Bartlett-Fleming family experience their biggest triumphs as well as weather their toughest storms. Here are 10 of their best moments:

#10 — Amy Sings “When to Let Go” (“New Horizons”) – In a heartfelt farewell to Ty as he prepares for his trip to Mongolia, a pregnant Amy sings “When to Let Go,” a song composed by her grandmother Lyndy.

#9 — Ty Marries Amy (“Written in Stone”) – The biggest wedding event of the series. In true Amy fashion, the bride strolls down the aisle on horseback. Here’s a little trivia…for her own wedding in real life, Amber Marshall also entered the ceremony on horseback.

#8 — Ty Proposes to Amy (“Great Expectations”) – The moment we had all been waiting for!

#7 — Jack Marries Lisa (“Be Careful What You Wish For “) – A beautiful private winter wedding with Jack and Lisa…and Tim??

#6 — Lou and Peter Adopt Georgie (“Living the Moment”) – Georgie has a new home!

#5 — Amy and Spartan’s Liberty Work  (“The Art of Trust”) – Amy does liberty work with her beloved Spartan. However, due to his battle with arthritis, “Spartan” is unable to rear up on Amy’s command. Instead, in a gesture of respect, Spartan does the only thing he knows he can do. Bow. Showing mutual respect, Amy also bows down. Set to a powerful song, “Moment” by Roses & Revolutions.

#4 — Dark Horse Audition (“Candles in the Wind”) – Amy shines in a remarkable Dark Horse audition. The musical score composed by Keith Power captures the heart of the moment.

#3 — Lou gives birth to Katie (“Passages”) – Lou is in labor, but it’s too late for a ride to the hospital! Oh, no! Relax, folks. Lou gives birth to Katie with the help of Amy, Ty, aaand maybe Mallory. Papa Peter shows up just in time to greet his baby girl.

#2 — Amy and Ty’s First Kiss (“Coming Together”) – Amy and Ty’s first unforgettable kiss happens in the barn!

#1 — Spartan Joins Up with Amy (“Coming Home”) – After the death of her mother in a horrific truck crash, Amy struggles with a new way of life and faces a daunting challenge with her new horse “Spartan.” In an epic moment, when Amy bares her heart and soul to “Spartan,” the two finally become friends for life when he joins up with her.

Honorable Mention — Jack & Lisa Go Fishing (“Thicker Than Water”) – Jack and Lisa escape to Jack’s fishing cabin. This is Jack and Lisa’s first fishing trip together and our first look at Jack’s favorite getaway.


What were your favorite moments? Let us know if yours is (or isn’t) on the list!


  • Elise O'Loughlin says:

    when Ty is sitting on the loft stairs with that contemplative look on his face just after he had to put Paint down. It showed everything that was going through him. Sorrow, grief, and yet not hopelessness. It was as if he was at peace with himself, and his actions, knowing he had the ability to help and was there at the right time to help. Best scene.

  • Hope Fukuda says:

    Love this show!

  • I love this show The story of Amy and Ty, all of it. Lisa and Jack getting married that was a surprise but a wonderful one. Lou and Peter adopting Georgie was a great episode Georgie was a great addition.

  • As young kids I think the kiss in the barn was a culmination of a lot of very emotional times for the two of them.

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