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Happy Father’s Day! 5 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Dad

Father’s Day Weekend is quickly approaching, and here at UP Faith & Family, we would like to take the time to honor and celebrate the wonderful dads and father figures navigating, mastering, and constantly learning through the journey of fatherhood. Here are 5 great ways to celebrate the fathers in your life.

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5 Great Ways to Celebrate the Fathers in Your Life

  • Spend time enjoying some of his favorite hobbies. Quality time is a love language for many people and a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face is to do something they enjoy doing with them. Whether it’s fishing, golfing, watching sports, or playing video games, take time to engage in an activity that will make them smile or purchase this activity for them to enjoy on their own accord.
  • Cook their favorite meal. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach so create an amazing memory for dad by recreating or even ordering their favorite meal or dessert. This is a personal gesture sure to make anyone smile.
  • Create a day of relaxation. Take some of his everyday tasks off of his plate whether it be cutting the grass, washing his car, or cleaning out the garage. It’s truly the thought that counts. Create a peaceful and serene environment by putting on his favorite show, and gathering his favorite snacks, and beverages allowing him to have a day of ease.
  • Purchase a new gadget, tool, or item he’s been eyeing whether it be a new electronic item, an upgrade on a tool, or even new shoes. Take cues from things he’s shared with you about needing or wanting and give a gift that shows you have been paying attention.
  • Celebrate as a family or group. Celebrate all of the fathers in your life and have a backyard BBQ, pizza party, or dinner and a movie. Sometimes the best memories are made celebrating as a group. Create a video or speech highlighting your fondest memories with each dad. No need to freight over the movie we’ve got you covered here

We hope all of the fathers feel the love not only on this day but every day and realize the huge role dads play in our lives. Leave a comment letting us know your favorite way to honor your dad on Father’s Day!


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