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Heartland Season 15 Countdown: Here’s What Went Down in Season 14

We are less than two weeks away from Heartland Season 15 on UP Faith & Family and the anticipation is real. We have been reading viewer comments across our social platforms and can feel the excitement! Whether you need a refresher on Season 14 or something to keep you occupied until Season 15 begins, we’ve got you covered. Watch Heartland Season 14 exclusively on UP Faith & Family HERE


Season 14 started a year after the sudden passing of Ty Borden. The season was filled with Amy picking up the pieces after losing her spouse and dealing with an emotion that many of us dread – grief. When the season began Amy was no longer working with clients and was being pressured by Tim to make a decision on the unfinished house she was building with Ty. Everyone was adjusting to the new normal of life without Ty.

Jack took Amy out to the fishing cabin where some much-needed healing took place not only for Amy but for Jack as well. Amy got back in the saddle and began working with newcomer Parker – Jade’s step-sister.

As the entire family was dealing with grief, Jack was no exception. During the bi-annual cattle drive, Jack was forced to admit and confront his unresolved anger over losing Ty.

Ty’s mom Lily arrives in town unexpectedly after missing Ty’s funeral, eliciting a not-so-warm welcome from Amy. Amy was not happy with Lily for not being there for Lyndy after losing her father, it felt like she lost her grandma as well. Lily later revealed to Amy the truth behind her absence after Ty’s passing. Lily relapsed after learning of her son’s death and was recently released from rehab.

Season 14 was filled with excitement, twists, and turns as another train derailment resulted in a huge wildfire costing the town lots of money and ruined the rodeo grounds. As Mayor of Hudson, Lou had a tough time winning back the trust in the town after a scathing article was published questioning her management of funds. Tim threw a celebrity softball game to raise money to repair the rodeo grounds. just in time for the rodeo.


Later in the season, we start to see the new herd leader Caz pushing horses out of the herd. Tim produced a solution for a 2-day clinic with workshops led by a reluctant Amy. Leading the workshops led to a heartfelt talk between Amy and Lou. They were able to address the unresolved issues between the two of them and get to the root of the problem to move forward.

There was a lot of healing this season and viewers were able to see that loss and grief are ongoing and not something that is healed overnight. Amy and Jack kept sentimental items that reminded them of Ty. Amy kept Ty’s jacket and Jack fixed up Ty’s old motorcycle. Nearing the end of the season the family began to enjoy life in the midst of mourning.

Relationships ending and beginning was a theme in Season 14. We saw Tim enter a relationship with Jessica while Lou and Mitch take a break from their engagement. In the final episode of Season 14, Amy and Parker help Cooper save his center for horses and troubled children.

There were so many great moments from Season 14, what were some of your favorite moments?




  • Tessa Miller says:

    Truly love this show. I was so saddened bye Ty’s passing. It’s not really a part but more of how strong Amy was and how she felt with it that was amazing to me. Have watched this show sence day one and will continue to watch till it’s no longer made. Which is hopefully for a while still. You guys are amazing.

    • UP Faith & Family says:

      Thank you for sharing this comment, Tessa! We agree – Amy’s resilience and strength this season has been amazing! <3

  • I also do what Amy did but in New Mexico only mostly in Arabs, 1/2 Arabs Mountain trail horses. Did an amazing amount of showing also. But I truly love the show and live in Alaska. North Pole. It’s hard to find I finally have the App downloaded but is Turkey hard to find down here.

  • Lois E Dobbler says:

    I really liked this show and can relate to the people who plays their parts so well. I have started watching it over 3 times and can’t wait for this next season. I hope Ty can come back, but if not, I will watch the show any way.

  • Where can I find season 14 in USA?

  • I just wish you all put the whole season on at once. I have watched the entire series in full at least 12-15 times. I go to sleep watching the show! It is so refreshing to have decent real, life characters on TV. I am almost embarrassed that they have to come from Canada instead of good old USA.

    I think one of the best scenes in the series was when Ty and Amy came back together in Mongolia. It was amazing! I truly love this series.

    I heard Alisha (Georgie) Is not in Season 15. I do hope she comes back. She adds so much. Regardless, Amy is truly the touchstone of the series. I love the interaction between Amy and Lyndy, as mom and daughter. I would love to see Amy get on with her life. Truly, life goes on. She needs to have fun, laugh and love again.

    • UP Faith & Family says:

      Releasing one episode weekly enables us the opportunity to release new seasons in the US first. We appreciate you watching and supporting Heartland on UP Faith & Family!

  • Nancy KarklIn says:

    Heartland has helped me so much with the grieving of losing my Husband and and Dad in 2020. It was like a soft cozy blanket to me. Definitely felt Amy’s pain losing Ty. I loved them together. I guess Graham wanted to spread his wings. I wish him the Best. But I do wish he would’ve held on a few more years. Love the cast. Jack reminds me of my husband so much. Just wanted to thank you all for helping me get though this last few years. Looking forward to season 15 and many more.

    • UP Faith & Family says:

      Thank you for sharing this with us, we send you peace and comfort. We’re happy to hear Heartland has been a safe space for you!

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