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Looking for new shows & movies to stream? Here’s what’s new in October.

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October is the perfect month to grab a blanket, get comfortable, and discover new shows and movies or revisit some old favorites. This month is filled with a  wide variety of content with something for everyone in the family. Here’s a look at what’s coming to UP Faith & Family this October.

Finding Love in San Antonio

This is a great title that has already earned a lot of excitement from fans, and will be available to stream this Friday, October 7th on UP Faith & Family. Finding Love in San Antonio follows a successful TV chef in Los Angeles named Adela at the pinnacle of her career. She was recently offered a new network series to travel around Europe. This film reflects on the criticism that can arise while elevating to another level of success and showcases family as we see Adela and her daughter spend time in her hometown of San Antonio, and a bit of romance, but you will have to check it out yourself to find out more. Make sure to join the cast in our Facebook live on the UP Faith & Family Facebook page this Friday.

Touched by an Angel – Season 3

Season 3 of the fan-favorite Touched by an Angel will be available to stream on 10/7. Whether you’re a fan looking to revisit the series or a new viewer of the show, you will be immediately drawn in by this amazing cast providing inspiring stories in each episode. The series follows a trio of angels sent to Earth to help people turn to God in the midst of their trials and tribulations. These angels help others while learning their own lessons during their time on Earth.

G. Garvin Live – Season 2

Chef G. Garvin cooked up some seriously good eats in Season 1 and will be back on UP Faith & Family in Season 2  of G.Garvin Live, serving up decadent homemade meals that are sure to have you looking like a Michelin star chef. Season 2 will be available to stream on 10/21 featuring great recipes like Andouille Sausage with Peppers and Onions, Kobe dog with Brown Sugar Maple Bacon Mayonnaise, and Polish Sausage with Traditional Slaw.

Hudson & Rex ( Season 2: Episodes 13 – 16)

Fans tune in weekly to keep up with Detective Charlie Hudson & his ever-so-popular partner Rex the German Shepard, who has stolen the hearts of viewers everywhere. This month there will be four new episodes streaming on our service with one new episode available each Thursday.


For a full list of our October releases, click here



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