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Hold onto your hats, UP Faith & Family fans, because we’re taking a whirlwind tour of the top 5 titles that made 2023 a year to remember! Think cozy nights in, heartwarming stories, and maybe a few tears (happy ones, of course!). So grab your loved ones, brew your favorite cocoa, and get ready to snuggle up with these flicks while you get ready to bring in the new year!

Mixed Baggage

When “Sleepless in Seattle” meets “Groundhog Day” with a dash of mistaken identities, you get this hilarious rom-com.

Number 5: Mixed Baggage

Imagine sprinting through an airport like Julia Roberts in “Runaway Bride,” only to snag the wrong suitcase that belongs to a handsome stranger. Evie and Jake’s luggage mix-up becomes a passport to a world of awkward encounters, missed connections, and enough laugh-out-loud moments to rival “When Harry Met Sally.” Get ready for a feel-good adventure that proves sometimes, the greatest detours lead to the sweetest destinations.

The Happy Camper

City blues got you down? Take a quick getaway with heartwarming flick!

Number 4: The Happy Camper 

In this movie, Dillon swaps skyscrapers for starry skies and trades boardroom battles for bonfires with her grandpa in Colorado. Enter Tyler Hilton, the hunky hardware store owner who’s as handy with a hammer as he is with a smile. Together, they tackle the task of restoring a vintage trailer, proving that sometimes, the greatest journeys are found not on a map, but in the company of good friends, fresh air, and a little bit of elbow grease. This feel-good film is the perfect antidote to the winter blues, leaving you with a renewed sense of hope and a hankering for a road trip (and maybe a slice of homemade apple pie).

Sweet on You

Haylie Duff + pie = pure cinematic comfort food!

Number 3: Sweet on You 

In this small-town charmer, Kate, the queen of the local pie shoppe is navigating life’s bittersweet flavors after losing her mom. Then, BAM! In waltzes Scott Eastwood (played by Rob Mayes), a handsome newcomer with a land inheritance that just happens to include Kate’s beloved bakery. This sweet-as-sugar story is a delightful blend of second chances, family ties, and enough heartwarming twists to rival a Jane Austen novel. Get ready for a recipe of laughter, tears, and enough delicious scenes to make you crave a warm slice of pie (and maybe a second helping).

“The Bachelor” in a thoughtful, romantic comedy form.

Number 2: The Engagement Plot

Rachel Boston is Hanna, a teacher who got her heart broken on national TV, only to have Trevor Donnovan, the reality show romeo, return with a proposal that’s as outrageous as it is unexpected. This hilarious hidden gem is a laugh-out-loud journey that proves sometimes, love deserves a second act, even if it comes with a side of reality show drama.

When a city doctor meets a dreamy vet with a mysterious past, things get…complicated.

Number 1: Plus One at an Amish Wedding

April’s adventure is a wild ride that’s both heartwarming and hilarious, filled with culture clashes, family secrets, and buggy rides through the countryside. You’ll be cheering for April and Jesse (and maybe even learning a few things about forgiveness and community along the way). This unexpected rom-com is like a breath of fresh air, reminding us that love knows no boundaries, even if it means swapping stilettos for sensible shoes and learning the finer points of butter churning.

So there you have it, the top 5 UP Faith & Family titles that made 2023 a year to remember! But remember, this is just the beginning! We’ve got a whole library full of amazing movies and shows waiting to be discovered, from inspiring faith-based dramas to edge-of-your-seat adventures. Download the UP Faith & Family app, grab your loved ones, and get ready for a binge-watching bonanza that’ll leave you feeling happy, hopeful, and maybe just a little bit full of pie.

Did your favorites make the top 5? Let us know which titles brought YOU joy this year in the comments below!

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