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Hosting a Mystery Themed Movie Night

By October 17, 2022No Comments

Movie nights are the perfect way to gather the family, spend time with your spouse, or enjoy a fun night with friends. Everyone loves a good theme, so why not try hosting a Mystery themed movie night this month? We have the perfect movies for you to stream on UP Faith & Family and great ideas to elevate your ordinary movie night into something fun and exciting.

Step 1: Select your movie

Here at UP Faith & Family, we offer multiple categories and curated lists to appease everyone. For our Mystery themed movie night, we would recommend browsing our  “Must Watch Mysteries  | Super Sleuths” list HERE. Another great way to incorporate the mystery theme is to include a few different options on paper, add each folded sheet to a bowl or jar, and draw a movie title creating additional suspense as to what movie will be viewed.

County Line

After his best friend was brutally murdered, a former sheriff took the case into his own hands to get the answers needed.


College student Chloe begins having a reoccurring nightmare that forces her to confront her troubled past in order to restore her faith.

Legal Action

A successful lawyer has found himself in the rural town of Cherokee Hills defending his ex-brother-in-law who is on trial for murder.

Step 2: Snack Selection

  • Each guest can bring a snack to keep the snack selection a mystery. Snacks can be shared or snacks can be exchanged white elephant style by selecting a number and picking a snack without knowing what it will be.
  • Another option is to have popcorn with multiple toppings allowing each guest to create a popcorn creation allowing everyone to try each option at their discretion.

Step 3: Get Creative

  • To really elevate our mystery movie night, different roles can be assigned to guests from movie selection to snacks with guests figuring out who selected each item at the end of the movie night. This creates an element of surprise and allows guests to put their thinking caps on to solve the mystery. There are so many ways to get creative with this theme, and so many movie options to stream on UP Faith & Family.
  • Use mystery-themed decor like fake mustaches for detectives, notepads, crime scene tape,  and magnifying glasses.

What’s your favorite type of movie night? Share below.

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